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Dobronice Ruin


Zřícenina hradu Dobronice se tyčí na skalnatém ostrohu nad řekou Lužnicí v nadmořské výšce 440 m, 6 km od města Bechyně. 

The beginnings of the Dobronice Castle date back to the 14th century when it was owned by the Bishops of Dobronice, later Lords of Rosenberg. In the 16th century the castle was rebuilt in late Gothic style and from 1691 to 1727 it became the property of Jesuits who used it as a summer residence. After the order was abolished, the castle fell into disrepair and gradually became a ruin.

The dominating feature of the castle is the round bergfrit, a refuge tower, which provides the castle's defenders with a last refuge if needed. To this day, the remains of a 14th century castle palace, a chapel and residential buildings have also been preserved.

our opening hours?

Unfortunately the ruin is closed due to static and technical reasons, which put visitors at risk.